2023 Election: A Race Against Time.

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The recent shake up and reallocations of party involvement in the NWC of the APC have sent tongues waggling and different theoretical analysis has been put forward by the 2023 political thinkers ahead of the time.

Although the development is one that potray the intent of the party leaders as an over zealous attempt to seize the power mechanism within the party for there own gains. I found my self in an interesting mood anytime I seat with friends to have a chit chat about the present political quagmire, especially friends that are perching their interest with the opposition party (PDP).

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There are some core PDP friends whose attempt to justify a claim on how Some bigwit politicians have been finished ahead of 2023 elections is very worrisome, although, there attempt seems more an illusion in comparison to reality. During the cause of their argument/analysis, it seems they tend to present a scary details of what they hope for instead of the real deal.

In some instance there attempt at analysing issues are seen as one labelled with sentiments and individual preferences of their political affiliations, with their respective interests on political happenings, one individual said categorically that come 2023, the presidency will be returned to the north and nobody can change that, He further explained that this is the reason the recent happenings is been experience at this time.

In the APC camp on the other hand, there’s a believe between the party faithfuls that the recent happenings and reshape in the party is to bring about a more saner atmosphere so that the party will still retain all of his political clout ahead of the 2023 elections,

it’s a fact that the party internal crisis especially between the party chairman and the rest of the members could ruin the party chances against 2023, so it’s only proactive to arrest the situations before it gets out of hand. He further postulate that the actions of aggrieved members within the party if not quickly arrested can send the party into the scenario which PDP found themselves five years ago.

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In furtherance to his claim, he site examples of humongous court cases against the party by aggrieved members all around the country and insisted that a new phase is required to put all members at peace ahead of the general elections coming up in three years time.

But it seems all what everyone is thinking about is 2023, without giving cognizance to the fact that political calculus will continually change and it has it’s a lot of phases to still go through before the 2023 general elections, it seems even at this time, nobody is thinking about what the government needs to do to better the lot of tits citizen and the already wobbling country’s economy further ruined by the effects of the COVID-19.

In my own opinion, it seems politician are already in a race against time because of 2023 and therefore, no one is thinking about now, next year and how things can be better for the general populace, rather they are all concerned on a race slated in three years time.