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Emirates Palace offers a service that goes beyond 5 stars, and if you go there you will have an experience to remember, where all your needs will be catered to. As soon as you enter the hotel property, you can sense the spirit and luxury of the magnificent Emirates Palace. This hotel shows the best of Abu Dhabi, the Capital of the United Arab Emirates. It has its own private beach that is 1.3 km long and it stretches all the way to the hotel’s own private marina and a private natural bay. This hotel is maybe the most luxurious hotel in the whole world and many people dream about spending at least one night there. What contributes to the luxurious experience that makes the guests want to come again and again are the amazing swimming pools (yes, in plural). One is meant for fun activities and adventure, and the other for relaxation and spending some peaceful time, surrounded by 85 hectares of wonderful landscape.

Emirates Palace is a classic traditional Arabic palace, and with 114 stunning 18-meter high domes and rooms decorated with gold and marble, it is one of the most glorious pieces of Arabic architecture. However, this hotel is not all tradition, as each of its 302 luxury rooms and 92 suites is equipped with the latest technology, and the guests have the services of a personal butler available 24/7.

2. Mardan Palace Hotel, Turkey

Located in the Mediterranean, in this hotel you can experience the famous Turkish hospitality, as guests are always treated and served with passion and commitment and provided with luxurious elegance and royal splendor combined with modern commodities.
This hotel looks like a castle from your favorite fairytales. The architecture greatly resembles the one of the palaces built in the ancient Ottoman days, and alongside the top notch service and quality, this hotel can be said to be the oriental heaven. The hotel’s resort is alongside the wonderful shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and its property takes up a total of 180,000 square meters. Each of the 546 luxurious rooms and suites is unique and fit for the wants and needs of even the most demanding guests, and provides spectacular and wonderful views of the Taurus Mountains, the Da Vinci Bridge that goes across the large luxurious landscaped swimming pool, or a partial view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Each of the rooms is equipped with modern high technology devices, providing you with the amazing combination of tradition and classic luxury on one side, and a modern touch that brings to the overall comfort and satisfaction. The experience of the guests is heightened and improved with the constant availability of a private butler.

3. The Westin Excelsior, RomeimageThis hotel has a long history, as it opened back in 1906. Since then, this hotel has been a place where many celebrities, statesmen and artists came to enjoy their holidays and visit the Eternal City. It is internationally known for the best quality of service in an amazing surrounding.

The Westin Excelsior is an amazing place to go to if you are looking for a place where you can treat yourself and enjoy massage and spa time in the Kami Wellness Center. There is also a fully staffed Concierge Desk where knowledgeable enterprising associates are at your service 24/7 and are ready to cater to your every need, from recommending a place to go for an evening of entertainment, and giving directions for your city tour, to more serious demands.

The Westin Excelsior has an indoor pool where arches and neoclassical columns are a luxurious recreation of the Roman Baths and when you go there you will get a feel of the Roman ancient culture, but enjoy in the lavish modern comfort as well. Here you can enjoy a swim, sit and relax next to the water or drink cocktails or smoothies in a luxurious whirlpool. And if you didn’t just come to relax, but would like to get your heart pumping, you will have access to the Westin Workout Fitness Studio where you will be able to re-energize in a stylish gym with all the necessary equipment for all sorts of trainings.

4. Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

Since it was built, this hotel represents the symbol of modern Dubai. Other than the fabulous design that you have never seen before anywhere in the world, what makes this hotel distinct from all the other ones is the extraordinary service. This hotel offers only suite accommodation with the finest service that you can only experience there. What makes the guests feel more comfortable and safe is the ability to check in discretely from their rooms, and the fact that every floor has a separate private reception, alongside with every guest having their own personal butler. Overall, we can freely say that there are not many places with this level of professionalism and hospitality.
Every guest of Burj Al Arab hotel has unlimited access to the hotel’s private beach, and spa center with additional separate ladies facilities, access to both indoor and outdoor pools and complimentary access to Wild Wadi Waterpark as long as you are staying. And on top of that, if you have children they can enjoy complimentary access to all Sinbad’s Kids Club.

You will never get bored in this resort, as you can enjoy a variety of activities – from adventurous to relaxing. The hotel is just besides the sandy beach and the beautiful blue sea, and inside the resort there is an enormous pool where you can relax and have a cocktail brought to you at any time. Whatever your wishes and needs are, they will be fulfilled here.

5. The Plaza, New York City

The Plaza hotel provides the ultimate balance between its classical style and rich history and the modern times, thus presenting the most popular luxury destination, letting its guests experience this iconic urban resort along with a contemporary spirit.

This hotel has 282 luxurious rooms, including 102 suites which are said to be larger than suites in any other hotel in New York City. The lavish décor, the Plaza Food Hall and the Champagne Bar and impeccable hygiene along with the constantly available butler service contribute to this hotel being rated as one of the best and most luxurious ones in the world. Whatever your heart desires, you can get it while being a guest at this hotel.

The elegance that has been nourished throughout its history is now accompanied by discretely placed modern technology in order to provide all the modern day necessities and indulgences, but without spoiling the rich traditional spirit.

The luxurious Grand Ballroom and Terrace Room have been restored to its original form, and in the historic landmarks that are still the heart of the Plaza hotel, social and business events continue to be held. This hotel provides an unforgettable experience. Your every need will be catered to and with the greatest respect and commitment. The only thing that guests might not like here is the fact that professional photos cannot be taken in the lobby, in order to ensure the privacy. But with all of the services this hotel has to offer, this little thing can be neglected.