Sometimes, we found ourselves in a situation where are brain refuses to work, it’s good to empty it and allow for fresh air and thought to replace the already clogged one, professionals both psychologists and medical doctors alike have give for medical reason why brains needed to be emptied through varieties of activities both indoor and outdoor that could be beneficial in achieving a more lighter head all the time. These activities include;

  1. Working out Regular Exercise

    sometimes working out seems to be the perfect way to bring the brain and body out of clogging or giving it a more clear edge, generally a little exercise is very good for the body and it does a lot of justice to how the body I’d mild and developed. It’s only right to imbibe the act to work the body out most times to give it a refreshed feeling every morning, but the hardest thing to do for a rookie fitness trainee is to pick up a workout bag and head to the gym, but if the fear and laziness could be conquered

2.    A cup of coffee

A cup of coffee

 Taking a cup of coffee is another way to clear a clogged brain. For a starter a cup or two of coffee in the early morning does the body and mind a lot of good, as it’s known that coffee contains caffein that gives alertness to the mind it will help to clear any lazy feelings of facing any day in a grand style. It will not only help to keep the body and mind in full alert it will also warm up the body in case of cold or wet weathers

3. Taking a nap

 Taking a nap.

Taking a Nap Is another way o decongest heavy brains and tired minds. It’s common believes and practice that when we sleep, the brain takes a rest and this rest could be well needed amidst highly demanding daily activities when a nap is taken. Although this activities seem unlikely to be embraced as it seems impossible to be able to take a nap amid office hours when activities are expected to be at it highest minimum is not the best idea of clearing a clogged brain. But experts insists that if it could be taken, it will definitely increase the daily production activities of an individual.

4.Taking a shower
Taking a shower

Taking a shower is another way to clear clogged head. Taking a shower can do wonders on a tired body and clogged brain, most times when the brain is not working like it use to, it’s advisable to get under the shower and do some water therapy. The shower needle serves as a cell wake int substance as it touches the body and refresh it. In than client times, natural healers prescribed bathing for all sort of ailment and top remedy for it, so it’s till a handy means to get well and clear what has been slowing the body and the brain down. So whenever u felt like your head is bigger than your body, it’s advisable to get under the shower and allow its soft needle like substance to awaken the dead part for you to be refreshed.

5. Taking a walk
Taking a walk

It’s gathered that a walk around the office will do a lot good for clearing a clogged brain, it’s a common practice for all working horse to take a stroll around the office when a new breath of fresh air is required to set them back on the right track. Through this a new influx of ideas and enthusiasms to work could be re acquired. It’s also psychologically prescribed to get the body and mind familiarised with the other side of the working environment which is not all about heavy work schedule.

6. Taking a long vacation
Long vacation

Taking a long vacation is another way to clear a clogged head and have a refreshed life sometimes a little time away is not enough to clear a heavily laden body and mind, stress could have mounted in our body to the point of emptying it for a couple of wee even months, this is why a regular vacation is advice for Any active worker so as to relieve the stress gathered by the body in time of active work