The bauchi community killed a deranged man for blasphemy in broad they light, a fool stuff, will actually comes to a fool end..

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In Bauchi, blasphemous sins equals dragging suspect from police custody, burnt to ashes. A Mai Ruwa, who was said to be mentally deranged blasphemed Prophet Mohammed on Monday when a girl came to fetch water from his borehole without his consent, an act which was said to have infuriated him and kicked he her bucket. By the next morning, the issue spread everywhere and everyone in the village was provoked. Later, a group of angry youths stormed the police outpost, subdued the police officers around and grabbed Talle. He was beaten to death and his dead body was burnt,”  This brought a lot of reactions from Nigerians, 

Pls, I want to ask the Muslims who would see this, what kind of God or prophet would want you to kill somebody for Him in this era of Grace?
Where is the provision for repentance & forgiveness? How can you convince me to join Islam with this kind of barbarism? Muslim’s are not what you think they are, In fact no religion value life than islam. Please how many Christians burn people alive over some irrelevant stuff, what if he abuse Jesus.

In all my existence, I've never heard Christians kill or burn someone to ashes for blasphemy. You asked what if he insulted Jesus, have you not seen people making jokes about Jesus?. Our God is enough to fight for Himself & that gives me peace to believe in Him. The leaders will never respond to this, but I actually believe only the poor operate in this manner, the rich ones are busy investing on their families. Will you see dangote's child behaving in this manner? No way... he's well trained.

Forget about the convincing and talk about the forgiveness and repentance. Does your God (Allah) not forgive. The Muslims are not fighting for God. They're fighting for themselves take it or leave it. The blasphemy against God or their Prophet doesn't reach up there not affect God, The Prophet or Islam in anyway, rather it affects the Muslims and so they made a law against blasphemy.

Some people believe in God, but they cannot wait for His judgement. Find a place in your heart to be patient. God is ever Just! They believe in God that they are so fast to play God role without patience to hear from him if to forgive or take life of their fellow human. This is most applicable to the religious extremist. What we saw in Bauchi as reported by @SaharaReporters was indeed condemned in the highest form. Islaam is a religion of submission and peace, and we can't convince anyone of we don't exemplify such.