A CM comment has triggered #rippedjeans revolution in India

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The Uttarakhand central minister, Tirath Singh Rawat said that women are setting a “bad example” for society and leading to substance abuse by wearing ripped jeans.Showing bare knees by wearing ripped jeans just to look like rich kids is the value given now which is just a race towards westernisation when western world today is following us: but women in India have reacted to his claim by showing off their ripped jean culture and countering his claim as ignorant and uninformed. Here are some shoe offs

Wait, literally who cares what they “signal” to YOU. To others, it signals different things.You want everyone on earth in suits for running errands, just in case ur eyes fall upon them and they may have 1 second of ur approval so they can go on? 

Well it signals low self esteem and an attention seeker to the ones who have their head screwed tight e.g. the CM in this case. Noone cares what fellow ripped jean wearing nobodies think TBH. End of the day, its the power equation that matters.

Women's rights r in education, empowerment, guts, bravery,power, leadership, money.....ect it goes on. But never in semi nakedness . No mother rises  her son as impotent. Same time  duty of a mother 2 teach culture with globalisation,teach son not to see touch tease a girl.

Women's rights are in EVERYTHING and especially freedom of choice. It is a mother AND father's role to raise their son as respectful. PLS we must stop talking about men as if they are uncontrollable and need women to change their behaviours in order to navigate life safely.

You should keep your boy in basement if you think he can’t control himself if he see women in ripped jeans and see through clothes or u can teach him to respect women.

I would walk stark naked through the streets if it meant women can wear whatever the fuck they want without men having a say about it.

Ripped jeans.. so what, knees suggest bad behaviour is appropriate?

You're the problem in India. Instead of teaching your son to grow up and respect women your literally putting it out in the world that the women are the temptation to your precious son.  Do everyone in India a favor and keep your son home.  Don't let him out.

@TIRATHSRAWAT should have spoken out about how men in India go around thinking they have the right to every Indian woman.  He should be condemning the rape culture instead he's going after women & what they wear.  India will never move forward with politicians like this in office

Have you watched Indian movies? They have been sexualizing Indian women for decades, pretty sure you still went and watched them all!  Probably even secretly wanted to be them.

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