We bring in differential options in this opinion poll, what makes a long distance relationship work.

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There's an opinions poll on what makes a long distance relationship work, enjoy it;

Sending of nudes and doing video call? Trust me...nudes don't work. As a man, It's cool getting the nudes and all, but it's not strong enough to hold the relationship tight. I've been there before. I think sending nudes even makes it worse and tends to motivate the man to wanna cheat.? Well, did you try communicating effectively? The problem here is not abt "communicating effectively". It's more of a psychological issue. Nudes/sexting is gonna highten sexual urges and make them desperate for real sex. This desperation(if it lingers) would often lead to one/both parties cheating.? You still haven't froffered any valid point.???? So what holds a relationship tight, sex? The long distance relationship I have now still works. Because both of them are sending nudes.? 

I just don't understand.... I haven't had sex for a very long time. I don't even see it as something I need to do. If I have a decent girlfriend that sends me nudes. I don't even think about going out and having sex with someone else. The guy is wrong in so many ways.? Nude or no nude. If I wanna cheat I will. Relationship just depends on both of u. I don't take advise from people regarding that. People are not alike.? So how are you sure another guy ain’t washing and preparing in the bathroom while she’s giving you nudes? I don't care. We are in a relationship. That's all that matters? I see where you’re coming from sha... I feel your point; but to me it depends on kind of relationship y’all on? Constant communication (video call), sef control, contentment, and sex on phone sometime to off load the sexual urge..

I know some people will be wondering what she meant by Sex on phone.... It's what we call Sex Chat back then in 2go  All of these I did and it still didn’t work oh? All these things but still game wey go cut...go cut? Why not try it with a responsible guy? do this everytime it’s was until I realize she’s staying with her real bf which she told me they’re just family friend, I stop that giving her money but we still do communicate after then? Everyday communication with credit alerts, Intentional commitment on both sides.? Not all long distance relationships are trans Atlantic, some are trans street.☺️ This process is so difficult, frustrating but achievable.

I’d have to say love, Communication, comprehension, fidelity, respect, trust and credit alerts.? Did all of that and still didn’t work???? you literally go all around to kill the hope of people like us who just got into it. Stop being mean.? I didn’t mean to please, stating what happened to me, but mine shouldn’t scare you. I wish you all the best? Oh wow! I’m so sorry to hear that. If you did all that and it didn’t work then it’s not on you. Continue to be yourself and sooner or later someone who will appreciate that and reciprocate unapologetically will find you..

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