Buhari Plans on Anti-Corruption Strategy

Buhari Plans on Anti-Corruption Strategy

Buhari Plans on Anti-Corruption Strategy
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In showing his determination to rid Nigeria of corruption, the president elect, General Mohammadu Buhari, after his inauguration on Friday, said he will unveil his anti-corruption strategy and how to get some of the looted treasures back, according to Vanguard yesterday.

The Strategy will be such that will put Nigerians with corruption baggages on their toes and make them to return their loots back to the federal government coffers even less persuasion.

To realize this objective, Vanguard investigations indicated that there is likely to be an establishment of a highly powerful anti-corruption trial panel with a task to investigate and bring to book corrupt government officials and private individuals who had swindled the country and bleeded it blind and cripple.

The panel shall also have the responsibility of tasking the corrupt individuals on making valuable returns in the form of plea bargain or sing the song of repentance in jails.

Vanguard also learnt that a lifeline will be given for the returns and once it expires, there will be full probes of the persons who had returned their ill gotten wealth and also of others who refused to return theirs.

This, is to make sure whether such returns are in accordance with the individual history of the looted funds.
The investigations would also includes all other government properties which included buildings and privatised institutions.

It was not however known if the probe would be restricted to the outgoing government of President Goodluck Jonathan which would cease to exist on Friday.

A dependable source who is a close ally of Buhari both in military and civil politics confided in Vanguard that the president-elect is likely to shock most Nigerians immediately after he is sworn in.
According to him, Buhari is committed to stamping out corruption

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