Chelsea fans compare SARRI and Lampard regime at Chelsea

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Sarri Won the Europa League - Lampard replaced him and failed  Won the Serie A - Pirlo replaced him and failed  Don Sarri☺️ "Chelsea fan", yet you show more respect to some random Italian passing through than to one of our greatest ever players. Says a lot.☺️ That “random Italian” won us the UEL and was hounded out by xenophobic fans like R.Jennings. I respect Sarri cos he’s an absolute badman, I respect Lampard a lot as a player - as a manager, he was toxic, arrogant, stubborn and ruined a lot of our players confidence.

It's too easy to just throw around the word "xenophobia", when in fact Chelsea fans support foreign managers they like (Vialli, Mourinho, Ancellotti, Hiddink). Many disliked his style of football, which was dull. But he wasn't hounded out, and he has no attachment to Chelsea.☺️Don’t give me that “it’s too easy to throw around a word” - it’s the truth. There was no good reason for fans to pressure Sarri to leave the club. I mean look at this guy, this was during the Sarri days and this is the same guy that says he loves Drogba, Zola etc☺️

Btw a lot of those xenophobic fans were sharing the same reasons as he did for wanting the manager to leave. He wasn’t a “Chelsea man”, “he was a banker” - the hate he got wasn’t for footballing reasons☺️ And anyone that understands football would know that Sarriball wasn’t dull. He didn’t have the personnel to execute his plan. We had the third best defence in the league with Kepa, Alonso, Azpi, Rudiger and Luiz. He would’ve won the carbo cup if it weren’t for Kepa too.☺️

He wouldn't have fancied the job without Hazard and a transfer ban. And whatever you think of Lampard as a manager, a real fan wouldn't be slagging him off after all he achieved as a player, just to bumlick a guy just cause we one a Europa league.☺️ A “real football fan” wouldn’t worship a manager cos of what he used to be a footballer. A “real fan” doesn’t sugarcoat the truth and would be able to separate Lampard as a player and as a manager. I criticised him cos he was abysmal as a football manager. Simple☺️

Frank was far from a failure and he left. Quit sucking him off. He actually abandoned us in one of our darkest periods!☺️ Don’t get it twisted, the fans hounded him out and were celebrating his departure like it’s the 4th July And yes Frank Lampard was a failure, there’s no doubts about that☺️ Frank came in and steadied the ship after your beloved Sarri left us hanging and after we lost our best player to Madrid. He also integrated a lot of youths and qualified for the UCL. So much for being a failure.☺️ 

The youth players, Giroud and Pulisic saved him. If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t even be in the top 10. We’ve conceded the most amount of goals in the top 10 and we were very lucky to get 4th. Leicester City bottled it. And this season was a disaster - so he was a failure☺️ The youth players” you mean, the ones that LAMPARD put his neck on the line for & chose to play over experienced players knowing full well that it could have failed horribly? It would help if you actually had an understanding of the club & our situation before commenting ☺️

They weren’t hard to identify:  Tammy made his name with Vila, Mount & Tomori worked with him at Derby, Reece made his name with Wigan It didn’t take a genius to know it was the best time to play the kids when we had a transfer ban☺️ Tammy actually made his name at Bristol City.. just shows how little you know about our players, again. You’re listing championship clubs and then acting like Lampard had to play them over experienced players (one of them being our club captain) while trying to compete for top 4.☺️

Last season he was living off on SarriBall. Once the new players came in, he choked. We had no midfield shape, our players were getting worse, ruined a lot of our players confidence. How is it we only conceded two goals with a “terrible defence” since he was sacked☺️ Last season he was living off Sarri ball ??? Wtf man?? The same Sarri ball that was fully dependent on Hazard or what?

The new players only added pressure on him. One I agree he wasn't well equipped to handle. FRANK LAMPARD'S TENURE AS A CHELSEA MANAGER WAS A SUCCESS!☺️ Bro the free flowing football we were playing at times under Lampard was because of Sarri’s imprint on the team. That slowly faded away as the season progressed. Sarri was solely dependent on Hazard and Jorginho cos he didn’t have the personnel. He had Alonso at LB ffs ????

No it wasnt we lirerally had 3 shots on target per game under sarri. We were so reliant on hazard our next 2 best attackers was ruben loftus cheek and hudson odoi they hardly played.☺️ He had Willian, Giroud, Morata, Higuian who had no more than 5 goals in the Premier League. Understand this, Hazard and Jorginho carried the team for the whole season. We had the third best defence with Alonso, Luiz, Ruidiger and Azpi - Sarri and Lampard are incomparable

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