Chelsea fans have reacted to the coming home of eden hazard, read along;

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It seems like a decade show when eden hazard was carrying Chelsea on his back, right now, he's a shadow of the famous footballer all Chelsea fans know and adored, with injuries ravaging his body since he moved to the Santiago Bernabeu, he has been linked back to Chelsea and Chelsea fans have a mixed reactions concerning his return;

Absolutely not.
The player we remembered is gone. He older, heavier and far too injury prone. It would be most unfair to expect him to carry us the way he did in time past. The game has become far to rapid and he takes far more time to recover from injury.☺️ He left because he thought the grass was greener on the other side, even when Chelsea needed him most, Chelsea should just forget about him, he's a traitor.☺️

Why pleading for him? In the first instance, who asked him to leave us? Again, are you staying, we should buy a tired leg like him? Timo, Odio and Pulisic are there for Chelsea. They will beat his records with time☺️ Hazard missed like 8 games for injury at chelsea In 7 years and was the most fouled player of the last decade he then goes to Madrid and all their players seem to get injured so it’s no shock that hazard does too☺️ Bring him back to chelsea to people who will actually take care of him and he’ll be back to his usual self again.

A short professional athlete with weight issues, who is infamous for his bad diet and fitness is getting injured all the time as he gets older. Who would have thought?☺️ I'm stunned he doesn't have a physique like Ronaldo... It's a conspiracy.☺️ Had a bad diet and was still one of the best players in the prem for years and the best for a couple of them☺️ That's irrelevant... You said there's something wrong with the RM medical team. There's nothing wrong. All those years of bad fitness and bad food took a toll on him... Getting fat before his big move wasn't that smart either.☺️ Hazard was fit the 7 years he was at chelsea and was the most fouled player of the decade he literally missed 8 games out of 7 years to injury he wasn’t injury prone until RM

Nobody's bringing him home to displace them....that goes without saying☺️ I don't think so because he will hardly make bench at Chelsea to talk of first eleven with competition in Chelsea team as we speak. His time has gone. Chelsea has move on without him.☺️ Shush!!!!!!! If taken care of enough and given more time to rest from injuries Hazard will get better and play good football☺️ .Our legend has suffered enough. Bring him back home.☺️ Which home are you talking about?? Nobody wanted him to leave buh he did that out of his own will, he wanted to win the champions league and I hope he's about to win that now.. So funny how he went from a world class player to an injury prone.????

Do we really need him? This guy left when we needed him the most...☺️ He was chasing his dream. We really do need him, none of our attackers can penetrate a defense like he did and that contributes a lot to the draws that we get this days.☺️ Sadly I dont think that is a good idea . The hazard we want is not the hazard available  This one is injury prone and all and besides we dont rely on one man anymore . We would become a laughing stock of he came back and was not the same . He would be called a flop ????

Annoying most chelsea fans don’t want this guy back with the excuse that he left us for Madrid... do you know what he sacrificed? He shouldve left for Madrid about two years before he left.. 99good + 1bad = 100bad.. ahh mtchew☺️ No. An injury-plagued Hazard isn't going to win us trophies. Let go of the past, and appreciate his contributions for what they were. He'll always be a treasured Blue.☺️ And while we're at it, bring back Eva Carneiro.  She knew how to take care of the Chelsea players.

Don't want him back. He couldn't get away quick enough to suck Zidanes balls so he gets all he deserves at Madrid. He was a phenomenon and incredible to watch but he doesn't deserve to be back here☺️. He's now 30 and his body will have been permanently damaged by the goons at Madrid. He'd be a shadow of what we knew, it's not worth ruining his reputation over. Plus, bringing him back completely defies the point of buying Pulisic, Ziyech and limits CHO's chances.☺️ He is heavier, overweight and probably overwhelmed by the number 7 Jersey at Real! He needs counseling before running around...☺️ Why ? So he can be injured for us , he’s past his physical best now unfortunately.  Chelsea had the best out of him add to that do we really need him ? When there’s younger talent to be had !

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