President Buhari has always come across as one uptight and very straight forward man who frown at anything label corruption or excessive financial spending, he has always claim he’s a competent man with straightforward lifestyle, but here are some instances in his antics that suggests otherwise.

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President Buhari seems like a truthful and upright man, he rode on the mantra of integrity and honesty to get to power, but right now it seems all the robe of uprightness he clog to is becoming a dirty as the country's condition keeps deteriorating by the day. Here are some instsnaces that makes us believe president Buhari might not be as upright as we are made to believe.

The other day, SERAP, a human right body announces its preparing court papers to sue President Buhari and 36 state governors over the unlawful proposal by the governors to borrow from the pension funds. why will a president we all believe is a straight forward man be in support of this to the point that a human right body will be willing to take up the government decision in a court of law.

The country is in a recession but President Buhari has; 10 private jets, tens of MeecedesBenz, including a ₦220 million Maybach, A ₦600 million annual budget for cars and combined maintenance budget for Aso Rock at ₦12.4 billion. Yet Buhari increased the cost of electric, petrol, dollar and food. Buhari is overfeeding while Nigerians are over-suffering. 

President Buhari met a total debt of ₦12 trillion in 2015, but today Nigerians debt is ₦34 trillion, annual maintenance cost for president and his vice has tripled from 2015 to ₦6 billion, his administration practically mounting up debts future generations will sweat hard to pay. Senators gets official cars worth #58million every year, fumigate national assembly with almost #80million yearly.

Nigeria has 13.5 million out of school kids. Yet in the last 5yrs, president Buhari built ZERO almajiri schools. But, he budgeted ₦3.2 billion for food and travel and ₦600 million for vehicles, spending so much on a president while abandoning 13.5 million kids is a trade off of the country's future. Boko Haram fatalities in 2020 between January and November 2020, there were 142 incidents of the boko haram insurgency in north-east Nigeria, an average of 13 a month. At least 1,606 people were killed in the 125 fatal incidents, an average of 13 per incident.

On October 20, 2020. The Nigerian army open life ammunition fire on peaceful protesters in lekki tollgate clamoring for a better country and improve in governance across the country, 24hr later, president Buhari address the nation and clearly avoid mentioning the incidence, but sternly warn protesters to be aware of the responsibilities that comes with protesting, he even mentioned the elders heard the youth loud and clear and that his administration will see to the five for five demands by the protesters. But till date, nothing is done.

The Buhari administration views peaceful #endsars protesters as a bigger threat than Boko haram, this is why most people believe the FG itself is boko haram. The country is so frustrating and seems to be filled with greedy people, who seems to forget that after death, they won't go to the grave with all those papers called money. Instead of making life better for the less privileged, they keep on swooping the money to themselves and no one even the seeming upright old president can be trusted......it's a shame

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