Nigerian public office holders are a lot of things that shouldn’t be found in a public office, antics they posses belongs to the wide screen of comedy and artistic prowesses. People like Dino, Fmr Gov. Fayose, Olisa Metuh and now Maina have come up with A grade contents on artistic ingenuity. On this thread, we take a look at the syndromes in Nigerian public officer holders fainting under trial.

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Living in self denial is outrageously funny, in some instances or matters of individual choices, as a man, you will think there's still some dignity left in been responsible for ones actions, if public office holders decides to mismanaged public funds, they should atleast be liable for doing so, they find good precedence in stealing and spending government funds but device a way to evade prosecution by feigning health issues, either to seek public pity or to escape been punished is unjust and this isn't a healthy resume for holding or been accountable for public offices. Accountability, service delivery are essential in government standings.

The likes of Olisa Metuh who arrived in arrived in court in a stretcher, Dino Melaye who even released a track with his couple of blockbusters, former governor Fayose showed up with a lopsidedly worn décolleté with a claim of been attacked by the DSS in a period of a state elections. A reminder of the NDDC officer who slump during a board/panel interrogation on how palliative funds for Niger Delta was spent. In another scenario, we saw a NECO woman who claimed public funds in her care was swallowed by snakes in her office late at night.

This time around it's Maina, the PENCOM boss whose antics been runing up on him for a long time. He must have thought he has won it when Jonathan lost the election for his second term bid in office. The way Maina's drama unfold makes it so easy to predict it climax, from runing away from the law to the point of hiding out in Niger Republic a small colony fast becoming a Nigerian extension by the virtue of the relationship between the country and Nigeria.

The Maina case is already underway and it will be interesting to see where it ends. But the bottom line still remains that until we started having people who are brave enough to stand trial against their own actions in power, until then shall we start to see an improved country. The Lekki toll gate shooting has brought controversial instances that till date no one knows where the orders came from.

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