Football fans have reacted to Mourinho’s comment on Ole Gunnar Solkjear


Football fans have reacted to MOURINHO'S comment on Ole Gunnar Solkjear; “I have Premier leagues, not a Premier league. I have Champions Leagues, not a Champions League. The only person who can make an argument with me is Guardiola. He has everything that I have. Not a person with only 3pts in his name, but with no history of trophies.”

I get am before no be property. Silverwares aside in Porto that he got with heavy influx of money, since no club is ready to dish out such huge amount of money what has he achieved since then?, he has only bickering and bitterness to his name at the moment. He compares himself... You still haven’t made any point...It still doesn’t invalidate mourinho’s claim. And in this case, “I get am before “ doesn’t apply because he still has it.. the medals are there to show for it, the trophy archives are there to show it. History is there to show it.

Except Ole never made any reference 2his medals. D fact remains dt Son pretended 2b almost dying for 3 minutes and still lost. That should be embarrassing to any normal manager. The same MOU lied that he didn’t see what Lamela did in the 1st leg but quickly substituted him. In that case him calling Arsene a specialist in failure is gibberish...because Arsene had medals he had won prior to when maureen made those  statement. Whether maureen likes it or not foot ball has evolved beyond his tactics. Let him resign to national team football.

Sir Alex Ferguson took charge of Man United in 1986 and picked up his 1st major trophy 1993. He started a process & paid off, so will OGS. Sir Alex in 26 or more years as manager got just 2,just 2 champions league title as Jose... Pipe df down. Make all of una leave OGS  and ManUtd alone. It seems you just started watching football this year. Otherwise your just tweet wrongly. His last Job he got 3trophies.  Before that he significantly won the EPL for Chelsea aswell. Today he's in another final... IS HE TRULY FINISHED?.

Make ole get am first if E easy.  I get am before na property, because his record speaks for him and he still have his medals with him. You can’t discard Porto! He won both the Europa league(uefa cup) and champions league with them. He also won the treble with inter. Nobody imagined inter would win the champions league. Love or loathe him , he has a point. His problem is the failure to adapt as footy has moved on.

Since Jose left Italy and Portugal, no manager cld deliver the UCL and wanna u compare such a Legend to a schoolboy, Ole inherited an expensively assembled squad but to date he's satisfied with Europa league perennial qualifications and battering small mediocre teams. Tottenham have a very good squad’s just that he has failed to tap into the squad’s potential..his tactics are failing him.

Every big coaches in the world needs money to give you a good team. So don't make it look as if he is the only coach that have spent money to build good teams. Even Ole have spent more than he has done with nothing to show for it. He is class. He is up there as one of the best. to guadiola who can comfortably pick 2 or 3 players from a club's, academy & make them superstars, let that mourinho mention a young player he has ever raised or trained or coached to a 5star standard, all he does is to slander his players in front of the media.
Let him Fvck off

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