Earlier this morning, Hoodlums invade a Nigerian police station in Orile, Iganmu, Lagos, there was an attempt to link the incidence to the #EndSARS Movement

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The #ENDSARS movement have been tagged to breed violence and destructions of lives and property, but in reality, the violence imbibed in the protest was bern sponsored by governments to discredit the protest to justify a means to declare a state of emergency, following the flash point in some part of Edo, Oyo, Lagos, the state government have declared a curfew with mandate for protesters to go to there separate homes.

Violence have erupted in orile in Lagos, mokola in Ibadan and a jail break in Edo, Akure, the state capital of Ondo state have also witness skirmishes prompting the governors of each states to declare a curfew, but all evident point to the government sponsoring the attack to discredit the peaceful protest. Although, some protester refused to move in lekki claiming they are ready to lay down there lives for the #ENDSARS cause.

Also in another words, a northern protester in the name of Shehu Adams have filled a lawsuit against (Jack Dorsey) @jack, the CEO of twitter for aiding and helping the #ENDSARS protest gain ground and cause lost of lives and property in nigeria. He decided to sue him for $1b for allowing his platfrom to cause an uprising which results into the lists of lives and properties.

Meanwhile protesters in Lekki continue to defy the law by staying on the protest ground beyond the stipulated time for the commencement of curfew ban. The protesters are determined the government listen to their agitations or rather do with their existence on the street. The scenario playing out in Nigeria presently is rather a sad and interesting one.

Stay tunes to explore the outcome of this stand down.