How Am sorry can safe a lot of things

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“The heart that knows how to bow down and say SORRY is the heart that
loves the most!” – anonymous

Although, being a very short — just five letter words, it carries a
heavy and one of the determinant factors in our day-to-day activities.

In conversing and relating with others. And has it been rightly said
sociologically that, human beings are gregarious in NATURE I.e we
hardly survive and have the best of life without others.

In that case,you’ll agree with me that, in such organisation or society,
stepping on one-another’s toe(offending ourselves) is inevitable. But how
often we overlook or non-challant to our friends and acquitances feelings
when they being hurt. The act of being conscious and sensitive is the
road to our justification that we still want them around us.

So we must all learn how to repair and remode relationships. Learning
to put things in order. The word “I’m sorry” is very short, simple and
pronounceable in just one breath. Yet, it’s hardly said.
And being fully aware of this fact that the strain we often have in our
relationship is as a result of our actions, either verbal or

Meanwhile, the value we place on the relationship is known
not only by not offending ourselves, but as well as the readiness to
express our regret, swallow our pride, and say “I’m sorry” from a
sincere heart hoping it would comfort and repair our relationship.

Although, some apologize to escape punishment, such as a criminal
who apologizes to his victim in exchange for a lesser plea. And while
some to relieve themselves of a guilty conscience. However, whatever
the motive by which it’s said, the purpose of tendering an apology is
to add values, purpose, and proof of acceptance to our friends.

But for the purpose of realism, being sorry sometime is not as easy as
it sounds. There are many things to tendering an apology: understanding
why it happened, accepting our mistakes and the sacrifice of coming
out of ourselve to make it happen.

But in saying this, we demonstrate how cherised and valuable our
relationship is to us.