Both parties have been experiencing diverse differences after their divorce

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It's in the news that Kim Kardashian felt like a failure as her marriage to Kanye West was crumbling earlier this year. Her younger sister, Khloé Kardashian said Kim had been “redirecting” her frustration and sadness and anger while struggling with the decline of her relationship with the rapper.

Meanwhile, Kanye on the other hand is making moves that push him further to acquiring billionaire status. He must have been glad to break free of the kardashian family. Paris Hilton makes a sex tape becomes famous, but mommy K does one better, she hired a whole production team to film Kim's sex tape, Made daughters get pregnant, Ex-hubby get a sex change, weddings & divorces, Mommy dating guy 30 years younger makes it look like a healthy enough gatherings.

Anyone either man of woman, who was able to get out of the place the way Kanye did would've been lucky.and if Kanye is the lucky one, who is the unlucky party, that's his Ex~Wife. So whatever the lady feels as a result of Kanye's bailing out could be legitimately outlined by the circumstances surrounding the Kardashian family.

As of Kim Kardashian I would be exhausted too if I was her. Following a man around that can’t settle, being held to his and the worlds impossible beauty standards. She can’t even look at her. She isn’t a failure or a loser, she’s done an amazing job at holding it together but she needs a long break, staying single is still an option y'know... no sarcasm intended even though i've never been a fan of her.

If marriage doesn't work for you then just stay single, trying to find happiness on your own is much more honorable and consistently healthy for the mind. Rather than consistent heartbreak and lack of support from a spouse can really take a toll of a woman.  i mean kim herself and her family are very rich so