Nigerians have been reacting on the slain general of the IPOB

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Nigerians are reacting on the killing of the ipob general by the state security operatives on Saturday, FFK and a host of others have condemned the act and some have even threatened the government of breeding a more lethal opposition from the IPOB movement, here are some reactions for you to read along;

The biggest mistake that the Nigerian state has made since the killing of Mohammed Yusuf, the erstwhile leader of Boko Haram, is the killing of Ikonso the IPOB & ESN Commander a few days ago.This single act has radicalised IPOB & will have consequences. It is sad & unfortunate. We must pray for peace.

Fulani terrorist government of Nigeria has finally wake up the sleep lion by killing our General in ESN let them watch and see the Great Hell fire now the hole world be shock in what is about to befall the Zoo now.....You ipob derailed from your original strategy that would have been effective on the long run and embraced violence. The implication is you won't get biafra and alot of people will die in the process and eastern states will be a shadow of itself in terms of peace.

This was exactly what happened with endsars campaign chaired by @segalink it was making strategic impact until people decide to go violent and has that really changed things in Nigeria today? No matter how weak nigeria govt is in terms of military might. You can't still compare...The might of the federal govt to that of any insurgence. that boko haram is still existing is because of sentiments and saboteurs in the corridors of power as well as corruption. Do you have saboteurs in govt as an igbo man.

Your states in nigeria with high ipob presence is not more than 4 or 5 at the most and the percentage of people who wants peace as against people who wants to secceed is 90 to 10% how will u manage to survive with this minute number considering the fire powers of the super tucanos of the nigeria air force. If you are looking at the time of ojukwu to now. It was well calculated. How many of your state governors are in support of ipob. My friend you are just about to destroy your state and kill innocent people if you care to know.

Nigerians haven’t been paying attention. Nothing new with Panatami still holding his post. Their leader then said “Northerners first”. Northerners planned still working since 1958 till today “Northerners first”. Only foolish person will clamour for one Nigeria...This is an incitement... I don't know what is really our offense in Nigeria to have this kind of people as leaders. In a sane country FFK should be prosecuted for this tweet..

Farewell Ikonso you'll be forever immortalised, gallant soldier. #Biafrans this is a big hit on all of us, but let it not deter us. I still plead we keep some of secrecy out of social media, there's always gold that comes with element of surprise.  Rest in power Dike-ogu...Rest in paradise Biafran hero! Yours was a gallant, honorable & holy sacrifice: John 15:13. “There is no greater love than this: that a person would lay down his life 4 the sake of his friends.” He was assassinated! Eye 4 Eye! All Hail #Biafra! #WeMove

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