President Buhari met with northern governors on Thursday, southerners are coming up with a perceived point of the reasons

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President Buhari met with northern governors on Thursday and Nigerians especially southerners are coming up with some conspiracy theories on the purpose of the meeting. Here are some comments;

The Unity of Southern Christians (SS,SE,SW) has become very necessary otherwise another "Turkey" may just play out....Which one be southern Christians... So as I be Muslim I go find another country to cohabit in abi...As long as you're a Southerner, defend the south. No religious divide...You can move to Kwara or Niger, since you are not of the same mindset with the Extreme Islamists of the North....See mumu talk... I should leave my state of origin Lagos State to kwara bcoz of my religion... How sensible does it sound to u.

A fanatic doesn't deserve a space where sane people dwell. An IDP camp on the Northern boarder suites you best where you can express yourself properly....You should have politely indicated where you are from, but since you chose to aggressively do that. I tell you the truth! Muslims are welcomed to live in the Southern state, but no aggression will be tolerated....South West moslems are moderates so I agree with you unlike their brothers up north.

My thought exactly...  In my view. skeptical religion therefore offers no  solution to the problem of faith and reason. Religion is a hoax especially in African...Oga na Niger I dey like dis ooo. But I have the same ideology with @DrIsaPantami   So better put us out of your saga....Lol....a prospective suicide bomber spotted.

Where is Prof. Pastor Yemi Osibanjo(SAN). I hope he is attending the meeting too...He is in the boys quarters...He is their errand boy he went for errand, moreover errand boy has no place in his masters meeting.....This is possibly the topic. Their hitman has been found, PATAMI has been discovered...They have many hitmen, we only know one now...That’s true even the guy wearing the buhari’s mask must be a hitman too....God bless you....they are the presidency and senate.......

I was right all along. They now stand by him. Terrorists...Yes and replacement to continue from where he stopped before he's caught up....but why are they masking up thought they had the Corona vaccines abi they no believe the vaccines will work...who will come help us answer this important question...boss if you ask me na who I go ask...But the question strong oo...Why's he always meeting just northern governors tho... Why not all,.:ain't this regional segregation cos he meets the president of Niger even more than he meets with southern governors  lately tho

These and many more are the reactions and questions by Nigerians about the president's meeting with northern governors. These actually bring an introspective examinations and it must actually be examine critically... all the assertions and comment is in no way a Knightpen's liability