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The Nigerian senate seems to be under fire from different directions as it’s seem by many especially the profound activist lawyer Femi Falana on channelstv insists the senate is sabotaging the effort of the government to deliver on its pledge on crushing corruption, although his stance was countered afterwards by another SAN sas there are more to the situations in which the house is equipped to use its power drastically variances applied to the instance that empowered the senate still within it reach on the suspension and the uniform saga.

It’s disturbing that in all the problems this country is presently facing, issues like wearing a uniform to appear in front of the senate when summoned or disagreement on who to head a federal government WatchDog when the administration promised CHANGE. It’s a mantra really; some kind of “STORY FOR THE GODS”.

To think that the naivety and ignorance of the president to know the best way the constitution allows him to use his power on this issue is astounding, in this instance we found out that although the president have enough power to make the appointment without the senate but he was naive to use the other process which is using them, and this are the set of people who about 19 of them are facing criminal charges such process which after been evoked couldn’t be reversed, it’s a sorry tale for the nation seeking change and am better life.

In fact, CHARLES OFOJI a columnist on @saharareporters forcefully lamented;

“You promised change and should know that you are no longer a dictator. It therefore means that you need good laws to deliver on your promises. Now how can you effect change with a man like Bukola Saraki as Senate President? How could a man who is one of the most people who profited from Nigeria the way it is, allow you to change the status-quo?

“Honestly speaking, from the moment you looked away and allowed Saraki to become senate president, I lost hope in your promise of change. Guilty or not, the fact remains that he has lost moral legitimacy. There is too much finger-pointing, which makes his moral baggage over-weight. If Saraki had any iota of honor, he would have long resigned his office. Rather he prefers to put the office of the senate president through ridicule. So Mr. President, as a leader of your party, if you are still serious about change, you must do all to get rid of this man as the leader of the Nigerian legislature.”

Buhari’s political naivety by allowing Saraki to emerge and remain as senate president is now his greatest undoing.

As things stand, the two men from the same ruling party, APC, are chasing different goals. Nothing shows that the ruling party has a commanding majority of the two houses of parliament. It has become increasingly embarrassing for the president in his failure to get simple bills passed or his appointees easily endorsed by the legislature controlled by his party.

The case of Mr. Ibrahim Magu, Acting Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) stands out. Twice Buhari sent his name to senate for approval as substantive chairman and twice the Saraki-led Senate rejected him – on the flimsy excuse of a negative security report. Notwithstanding the fact that Magu has done fairly well as EFCC chairman. Though there is the accusation in some quarters that he is an apostle of selective justice.

In any case, critics of the members of the National Assembly say they are hell scared of Magu, who in my assessment, has prosecuted an uncompromising war against corruption.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo once famously lamented, “The National Assembly is largely an assemblage of looters and thieves.”

But, we gave them our mandate, we can have it back, it will be of our interests to systematically flush out any threat we might pack eve could be standing on the way of giving our dear country is stable, it seems the house is in ineffective shift of mockery way spinning out of control.