Apostle sulemans claim of buying a private jet during Covid-19 have generated a lot of reactions


Apostle Suleman reveals how he bought 3rd jet during COVID-19. I no dey  blame apostle suleman or any other pastor, Na una dey give Dem money,  so leave them make dey spend am wella. How much is a private jet, for Apostle Suleman to have three. This Apostle Suleman statement just weak me, infact I am speechless. Apostle suleman said he wished COVID didn’t end, but his members were coming to his church to pray for it  to end. Man of God Apostle Suleman, we’re in free world always say your mind. He tells you what to do to get blessed. You call him out, insult him, say it's tithes and offerings. Now new private jet, when y'all were not going to church and you are still angry?

If Apostle Suleman can buy a jet during covid19 pandemic.....then imagine, just imagine how many jets the Nigerian govt officials could have bought for personal use also..I  pray this COVID 19 continues. I bought my third jet during COVID-19 pandemic- Apostle Suleman. Is God not calling me like this? Abi is my antenna not receiving well like this? God when,.. That why I always say that African mentality on religion will kill us all. My pastor said this my pastor said that what nonsense. I don't blame apostle suleman I blame his members that was shouting up and down and no one bother to ask if he helped his poor members in his church.

Make no mistake, we are Christians and we would remain so. We believe in the Christian community and the gospel. But you have to be raving mad if you think we would support fraudulent pastors like Apostle Suleman all in the name of pastor. And we were wondering why they fought against CAMA, no wonder Apostle Suleman can brag about buying a 3rd jet even in a pandemic. God ignored those dying during the pandemic but answered Apostle Suleman monetary prayers....What a selective God,

Apostle suleman, this is a pandemic era that has killed millions globally and yet are saying this , won't say a word to you that will sounds insulting cos you've attached your to God and He says judge not my anointed. Nigerian you can see physically and spiritually.. We are on our own,the minister of defence said you should attack bandits yourself and now your supposed man of God here is just using you to catch cruise... Think Nigerians. Covid is a killer and u prayed for it not to end so that you can keep resting and making money, Apostle Suleman and his cheering congregation are all heartless????........may God have mercy upon all of you!!!

The way we look at some profession and believe they are rich, is the same way people look at pastorship and believe they are rich. Now, everyone wants to be like Apostle Suleman. Your Apostle Suleman was even praying for the pandemic not to end. Who says Apostle Suleman shouldnt enjoy and chop life. You guys should free him, the only people who should think twice about him are his members who during the pandemic had nothing to cater for their family, while they keep throwing out money to him as offerings. Apostle was feeding members during the pandemic!!All no one went hungry !! Don’t just open your mouth and talk