The #EndSARS protest which initially started on Twitter before finally hitting the street October, the second wave is underway following government body language in showing commitment to five for five request by protesters

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The second wave of the #EndSARS struggle seems to have kick off on twitter with almost a million tweet within twenty fo ur hours following the government's body language to comply with the five for five demands the protesters gave before leaving the street. First is the action of the Nigerian police force by seeking a court injunction to stop judicial panel set up around the country to see to cases of police brutality. 

Then the news of the Lagos state government giving out millions to the families of affected police officers with no observed arrangements for the families of the peaceful protests who was killed during the struggle, coupled with the uncooperative stance of the police force to take part in disciplinary panels around the country are reasons the #EndSARS tags is trending 

 This one sided treatment by the state government generated a lot of reactions, this is a tweet by Reno Omokri; @MBuhari, who rehabilitates Boko Haram, instead of protecting Nigerians from them. Who cant stop killer herdsmen, to the extent @Elrufai, his client Governor, pays them. Who watches Governors negotiate with bandits. Is able to shoot unarmed #EndSARS  protesters at #LekkiMassacre. Another random twitter user gear up the online protesters to resume duty.

Online protesters.. Are you tired?Remember the government ordered the killings of peaceful protesters and intensify the Retweet #EndSARS. Another user says; The truth requires no help for its survival nor establishment. The truth outlives every human construct that might deign to suppress it, and every lie that is told in pursuit of its suppression, would eventually die, whilst the truth shall stand. stor…#EndSARS 

The street protest is slated for 7th of December, here's a tweet to that effect; On the 7th of December, WE MOVE AGAIN. please, retweet for others to be aware. We are tired of being oppressed, we are never tired of fighting for justice and  against bad governance! #endSARs. We are not hoodlums. We are Nigerians. We respect the law, all we're asking for is a "Better Nigeria" for us and for the generation to come.

The only thing neccessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. if we let it sink, it has a deeper meaning.