Young people around the world mostly students are always a victim of bully.
In middle school, social rejects are common and it really hurt to be one.

Although in high school this could change as changing of appearances, attitude and manner could help greatly to improve social rejects and bullying, but it could also pave way for peer pressure as desperation to meet new people and make new friends could make any young people give in to peer pressure.

Peer pressure can make good people do bad things as its as if to know a certain course is wrong, but when confronted with the situation, emotions take over and become people pleasers.

It should be known that peer pressure is not just pressure put on me by peers, what we feel often come from within because an individual desires the things his peers are talking about and this makes us feel excited to take part in it.

Facing up to peer pressure is an accomplishment that one can be proud of as it helps to maintain clean conscience and a balanced life. It could be difficult at a time to face up to peer pressure, but after overcoming it.

it makes one feels different and proud to be so and firm on decision making because it makes up for a better life and guiltless minds.

Overcoming peer pressure and standing on ones feet isn’t a easy task especially for teens in the circle but a couple of ideas and good mentoring could help.

Bringing in the idea of mentor ship cancels on the improvement on this traits and continue to help in so many other diverse means of handling peer pressure, May Ed individuals are therefore task with the distribution of their experiences to equipped young individuals to improve their decision makings when in young schools and colleges in a way that will benefit their future and help them make a better decisions one eye peer pressures.