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The Nigerian senate despite been checked and criticized recently by the general populace which consist of some top brass legal practitioners never deemed it fit to reverse it decisions on most of the issues that was said it has no jurisdictional right, instead it continue to further humiliate the constitutions by continually interfere in issues that is out of his jurisdiction, the issue of Magu and the uniform saga was said to be out of the senates power point.

This criticism continually yield no remorse and for sometime now the senate have decided to turn a deaf hear on proceedings and continually embarrass the country with his perceived ignorance that boarders around issues like that, the fact that senator Bukola Saraki leads the senate and such out of jurisdictional activities are witnessed in order for him to have a strong hold of the senate and make decisions that are better and further protect their corrupt practices.

In view of these, an anonymous Facebook user opined;

“The Senate blunders on embarrassingly because many of the senators have only a superficial knowledge of the Constitution. If they had taken a little time to check the Constitution, they would have seen what Falana clearly spelled out and would not have rushed in like a mad bull into the CGC saga, the way they did. Most Nigerians who initially supported the Senate’s attempt at humiliating the CGC under the pretext of righting some wrong policy, now know better. With the exposure of the Senate topbrass’ involvement in document forgery so as to evade payment of appropriate duties on some exotic cars, it is now clear that our ever selfish senators were only trying to shield themselves rather than genuinely fighting in public interest. The leopard can never change its spots; Can it?”

This statement shows the exasperation of Nigerians on the activities of the senate and further retaitrate on issues of the senate that brings a shame and ground breaking backwardness to the entire Nigerian federation through their selfish act of corrupt practices. Really, the Nigerian governing body holds the world record of bad leaders of all time. When you read about them, it’s difficult not to feel a kind of disdain for them and their practices.

What can possibly go right, when all of them in that house are ignorant of the tools they are suppose to be using on decision making, the constitution is the tool of any lawmaker in the world to deliver a proactive legislative activities on their primary assignment as lawmakers, but in the process whereby most or all of them are fantastically ignorant of the tool of their trade, it’s only natural for the Nigerian state to witness such destructive legislative paranoia.

For these reasons it’s important for country to look inward and come up with a system that will always feed people vast in the constitution of public offices like that or that the constitution should be made to bother around issues that mandate any contestant to have a prior knowledge of the Nigerian constitutions, how to achieve this lies with the general populace