The recent kidnapping of about 300 school girls in jengebe is another highlight to how kidnapping has become a lucrative business in the north.

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The recent kidnapping of school girls in Jangebe is another highlight of some discrepancies going on in the northern part of Nigeria, on this kidnapping issue. It seems like the banditry was the business idea they meant when APC leadership promises they'd take 20 miliion Nigerians out of poverty, Abduction is rising to the climax here in Nigeria, and it demand an urgent attention, but unfortunately so, there seems to be ready business for kidnapping and abduction. Supposed politician who's suppose to act are cashing out on it big time, there is fire on the mountain.

The name 'Jangebe' sure rings a bell. If I'm not mistaken that was the place the implementation of the shariah law started, that's the place the cow thief's hand was chopped off at the wrist. It's really come full circle. Governors are cashing out on banditry if not, how will you put over 300 girls in a place without security in this season of security challenge. It has now gotten to the stage when we anticipate when the next kidnapping will take place. It's like anticipating the soronous melody of a new music and it's video.

A look at the hostels shows how shameless Nigerian leaders are, all these schools get  SUBEB funds which evidently go down the drain, now it's banditry business theu embarking on, God almighty, and there was a nation. By now boarding school system should been scrapped for now in Northeast or did the government know what we dont know?, there is a minister of education  who cannot make simple decisions to forstall kidnapping of school children. It's really a sorry case. It will be interesting to witness how this banditry episodes ends.

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