The way Nigeria is been run, no company can survive such administrative ineptitude. Still, blame game are easy to play.


Reno Omokri tweeted: Under #Buhari Nigeria has become the world HQ for extreme poverty, global capital for out of school kids, and centre for cancer causing fuel. Having no government is better than having Buhari, because if a country has no government, the @UN will step in. But he forgot to mention he was part of the previous government who made things worse too. Under Jonathan it was also bad it's not like the economy was the best. Buhari inherited a bad country he only finished the job now which made it worse, someone should stop playing the saint card.

Everyone knows in every strata, it's impossible to compare the past administration with the present administration, it's undeniably true though but the Jonathan administration was not any better if you ask me this Buhari's is just reckless i don't have the adjective to qualify it appropriately. it is making it look like the previous was good but it wasn't either. Nigerian governments are anti masses.

Is it safe to say past administration wasn't better but not as wicked as the present administration. Atleast people are able to buy food in those days but now high cost of all food items. Besides, there was no record of hoarding foods meant for the public then, if there's any huge problem with the Jonathan administrations, it's the high standard of t gree aft and theft, people stealing money at will for no particular reason or to prove that it can be done.

Come to think of it, Buhari has been president for 6 years, no one should be bringing up the past administration. Jonathan was bad, yes. We voted him out and he stepped down. To give the present administration a chance, so what else do they want. No one should be using him (Jonathan) as an excuse for Buhari's ineptitude, it's not right.

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