In quick successions, Kanye West was in the news from a divorce story to wining the Grammy. Today, he’s in the news for an entirely different success story, read along.

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Kanye West is reportedly now worth over $6 billion, making him the single wealthiest black man in America, In this life, don't worry when anyone is leaving your life, don't get weighed down by break ups, do your best, live your life, life is always gon be fair with you, besides that, God has better plans for you.

Although, life isn't all about money. His enstrange wife Kim Kay West paid off his 50m dollars debt back in 2019, his fulfillment's might not lies in these financial things anymore, but surely this is a add up for his blessings, Kanye recent life has been very interesting, things that have happened to him lately, him meeting and proclaiming Christ, as a born again Christian, he own a gospel choir that performs on planes, church services, concerts, street walks and train and bus stations. His recent divorce rumor with his wife, his Grammy win with a gospel song he wrote and produced himself, and now this financial breakthrough shows he's a special being for a significant purpose.

Sometimes life can be more complicated than we can imagine. Kim Kardashian and west marriage is a blessing to them both and what will you call those wonderful kids they birth. Kim Kay isn't poor either, Although if you read history you will see how black men lost everything after divorce, but actually it's not paramount to black men only prenuptial agreement is signed before marriage to protect the interests of individual partner.

But Kim was a good wife to him, changed her life style for him, helped him pay his debt, But should a woman be celebrated for dressing well or for being a mother and a wife, she signed up for it, the Kardashians have a way of bringing a successful man down. Remember none of their Exs is still at top level. Even Tiger woods suffered same. But kanye still made it. That's some huge point on the guys scorecard.

Kanye West is the richest Black man in U.S. history in large part due to his Yeezy sneaker business and upcoming Gap collaboration, per People and Bloomberg. the dude literally wrote a song about the importance of getting a prenup, so Kim ain't getting shit. Although, net worth is not liquid assets. The idea has the potential to be worth billions. His shitty yeezy that he just dropped sold out instantly. He puts his name on anything and hype beasts will eat it up. He can turn fucking GAP into a luxury brand. That’s a HUGE financial asset, plus he recently won a Grammy .

Kim Kad might not have as much as her husband, at $780M, are fortune is much more liquid, she doesn't need to depend on any forecast on brand, it's less dependent on brand trendiness and consumers affiliates. Hate him or love him Kanye is one of the Greatest Of All Time and his wife is one of his many blessings, either he acknowledges it or not.