Recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went to the press to tell their own side of the story, but some believe all is a premeditated actions to be financially free from the shackles of the British empire

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Recently, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan appear on Oprah Winfrey show to tell their own side of the story, a lot of people have offered their own mind and thought about how they feel the family have treated the newly wedded couple. But in a discussion with a cousin who resides in the United States, he made some valid points to expose the premeditated antics of the couple widely orchestrated by Meghan, but with his hubby's support, she can achieve anything with Prince Harry's name.

He pointed out that; She (Meghan) knows the system before getting into it, her complaint around is all for money, if they had stayed in England, how much do you think they had worth, a thousand, couple of millions maybe, but the American market can offer so much more. When they announced they want to move to Canada, some of us know they are heading to Hollywood.

The United Kingdom is only built on name and prestige and nothing more, there's a limitation to what they can accrued to themselves, Hollywood is the destination, Netflix, interview and America flamboyant and rich entertainment heritage is what they are actually targeting. Soon those guys will be a billionaire, Although, I hardly have problems with them moving to the United States, but she had actually talked too much.

Hollywood is richer than the whole of the United Kingdom, the lady already knew her plan, right now, Oprah and Tyler are already on their case, before you know it a 10yr deal already on the table with Netflix or Amazon prime. They can’t get deals with Amazon, Netflix, Oprah and co with such huge dividend in the United Kingdom.

Ontop these deals, they will still make movies, biography, shows and so on. Sponsorship deals and all that, the girl will brand the boy, give him American lifestyle, Meghan had to fight for herself, even that her husband is solidly behind her, there's no such thing as impossible in their situation as the case may be. They are solidly booked for greatness.

This is a discussion from a valid point of view, but as logical as it sounds, it couldn't be entirely taken for all and sinker, but it seems lady Meghan had a plan which is incubating nicely, although, the outcome which is the end will definitely justify the means. Let's wait and see.

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