Omoyele Sowore a former presidential aspirant is on another financial scandal. He who demand equity must come with a clean hand

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The former presidential aspirant Omoyele Sowore has find himself in another financial scandal with a certain Miss Tosin Adeniji, who accused the political cum activist of a finance web. The story goes that the said miss Tosin is part of Mr Yele's revolution now group, but she was arrested in front of the National Assembly while they are protesting against the federal government.

But while he was in incarceration, Sowore applied for a grant on her name without her consent and she later found out the money was paid to Sowore and she was not aware of it still until recently when the truth surface, so she decided to go public and tell the world about Sowore antics which he (Sowore) denied.

Also in time past, Sowore have been accused by his party of squandering the party finances while he was contesting for president, the leadership of the African Action Party has at a time call out the Sahara reporter publisher on his wild expenses as he empty the party's purse to suit his extravagant lifestyle. He was called upon to come forward and give details of the spending but he never at a time give himself up for a plausible explanation.

It was said that the popular publisher pocketed some of the party financial executives to get his wIsh as at then, it was also revealed that the presidential candidate took to spending the party's money on expensive hotels while he was contesting, spending time at the Radison hotels on the party purse without proper measure for accountability.

The question here is that, why would a young and vibrant activist/politician like Sowore, whose aim and idea is to displace the Nigerian political stealing elites from running the country to the ground be followed by financial scandals every now and then, in my personal opinion, he needs to look into such act as it portray him as nothing different from the political class he's always pitched against.

He who asked of equity must come with a clean hand. If Omoyele Sowore is actually serious about his intention and idea for Nigeria, he needs to clean his image of all these unwanthom financial allegations and come with a clean slate to the public, else he's not a worthy candidate to occupy that seat in Aso Rock. The type of president Nigeria never want is the type he's trying to be.

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