The concept surrounding the 5G network have cast a mysterious shadow on the supposed biggest technology discoveries of all time, but what exactly is 5G?


The 5G, it's the greatest technology and science discoveries of all time, some even say it's the ticket to the next great technology evolution, making it easier for us to stay connected at all times, while others are saying it's a mysterious, shadowy even dangerous technology that's been pushed on us without knowing what it can really do, some insists it makes people sick. But what's 5G, and what does it necessarily do with you phone.

5G is the use of a higher frequency radio wave to increase speed, in order to minimize the effectiveness of 5G around the world, but high frequency radio waves have a shorter range, as such their cell network range is smaller, so 5G network have three different frequency bands- small, medium and high, this means 5G is the combination of three different cell phone network working as one, balancing the trade-offs of downloading and streaming speed against greater distance and range.

Whatever the highest speed antenna available in your area, that's what the cell phone picks, so what will you be able to do with your 5G connection, it will offer the highest download speed ever available, at least in a 1gig/sec ratio, so good that huge telecoms are tempted to convert their laptops and computer to a 5G inclined gadgets. We will be living in a world of cellular incline technology and it will be easier to control any internet capable devices where ever you are.

Every gadgets at home could be control from anywhere, your internet incline cooking stove can be switched on or off right from your office, your refrigerator, shower, doors and window blinds can be open or closed from anywhere. This is truly the internet of things and no technology can ever beat this for it imaginary unification and gadgets due to a high frequency connections. People getting a diff of it now could testify to its high speed, but a large number of people are skeptical and labeled it evil, but why?

But could the 5G network be detrimental to us or the environments, many environmentalists around the world have voice their concerns about this powerful electro magnetic networks and its impacts on air and public safety, one area of huge concern is the weather tracking satellites, the satellites will pick up the powerful radio waves, which could cause a slow in accuracy, especially for tracking water vaporization, an invitation vital for stormy cities to plan for their storms and many military and meteorological analysis could be affected.

Also, the radiation released by this high frequency radio have all edged to cause sleepless nights, loss of concentrations, anxiety and so many others, mother around the 5G signal area have blamed the change in behavior and restlessness of the toddlers to the radiation's caused by the 5G technology, rumor even has it that the corona virus spreading around the globe was caused by the 5G towers

Surely, the 5G network exists with some conspiracies, there are some dark sides the internet can reveal, will advice you try to look it out