Food security: a post Covid-19 turning point


  • The covid-19 episode have turn everything upside down through out the globe, people living in abundance before the outbreak of the pandemic couldn’t do so anymore and hand to mouth survivors are further down graded to a lower pecking order.

    There’s no gain saying that every living creatures felt the effect of this monstrous epidemic and subsequently hope for it to end as soon as possible.

    But there is a very important aspect of the surviving strategy that everyone must undertake in order for the effect of this pandemic to be cushioned when it’s finally subdued and that’s is food security.

    Research have shown that during the lockdown, average household spent almost 80% of their earnings on feeding. It’s a glaring experience that despite all activities involved in a day to day runing was abandoned, farm produce and food stuffs remain a very important activities which receives more patronage even more than the health sector whose activities are overwhelmed by the pandemic.

    Predictions from all quarters and professional bodies like; the world bank, IMF,ECOWAS and some other relevant watch dog is the need to invest more on agricultural produce in order to cushion the effect of post Covid-19 era.

    For a country like Nigerian, planing on diversifying it’s economy into agriculture, a better time to rearrange philosophy is now, and taking advantage of the situation is the key to a quick recovery from the covid effects.

    This is a wake up call for individuals, jobless or employed, entrepreneur, young investors and anyone looking into a personal lucrative endeavor to take advantage of a time like this, in order to help in cushioning the effects of the covid episode.

    Getting into agriculture remains the most lucrative business anyone could think of after this covid episode is over, so for anyone looking to create a multi million investment, food production might be the best way to go.