It happens that some. White House staffs are disqualified for the use of marijuana in the past, now the US public thinks the decisions is too hash on them

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The public raise a widespread marijuana use when White House staffers got shafted for past marijuana use. This requires a think big fix, not a small one. Because it’s still illegal federally and these are federal jobs. Ridiculous but it’s the current state of the laws. Reschedule marijuana as a schedule 1 drug (it's equated by the fed govt with HEROIN.) it also need to stop filling prisons with non-violent offenders, disproportionately people of color. Legalize it.No one should be in jail for smoking marijuana. No one should lose their job (or have a criminal record) for having smoked it. Legalize it.☺️ 

How can a drug that is legal for recreational use in some states should be a reason to withhold or terminate employment? It doesn't make any sense to me.☺️ It isn’t, but their lying about it on their disclosures is a reason to withhold/terminate employment. When you’re doing a security check, you’re asked to disclose all sorts of embarrassing facts (legal and illegal), so the facts can’t be used to bribe/extort you.☺️ Making it a big deal will only encourage more people to lie.☺️ If pills and alcohol were scrutinized at this level, we’d have a skeletal federal government☺️

How can a schedule 1 classification be justified when it has been dispensed for medical use? Per DEA schedule 1 drugs are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.☺️ They got shafted for LYING about it on a security clearance application, among other things. Which is a felony. But yes, everything else you said is true and necessary, and IMO guaranteed to happen.☺️ Furthermore, wipe the record clean of ppl with only marijuana related arrests. Give those ppl a potential future.

It should be used as a tool to revitalize small farming in Appalachian states and help fund education infrastructure and health care☺️We used to see it that way, although it was used to fund the war effort and not health care???? Quality control is what would allow the vaporizer industry to still thrive especially if cannabis is legalized. They don’t even need a high tax 5% or so and they’d get billions but they have to make sure states aren’t price gouging by using taxes. Medical should be insured!???? I will agree to this but currently if you work in that sector, these are the rules.☺️

I'll add that currently the cannabis business cannot access banking services.  Cash is kept on hand.  Many robberies, particularly in a pandemic.  Legislation introduced to change that. ☺️ What are the long term health effects of inhaling marijuana smoke? What are the costs? Tobacco is grandfathered. What's the excuse this time? None that have been proven. About 150 an oz in oregon. What is the excuse to keep it illegal?☺️ It's still a gateway drug. No issues for the user like LSD but the effects it has around them like someone driving stoned or going to work high etc

There is no such thing as a gateway drug. That is drug war propaghanda.☺️ a habit-forming drug that, while not itself addictive, may lead to the use of other addictive drugs".☺️Weed isn't addictive but causes habits to form. The only thing society does wrong is not having that same connotation with cigarettes???? If you dig into this story, a handful of people were penalized for lying about drug use, not actual use. They would also be penalized for lying about alcohol use, financial problems, domestic assault, etc. Everything in your life is under scrutiny. Agree law should be changed..

So shouldnt kamala be removed? She admitted to smoking while listening to music lol??? Also obama I'm sure Biden has seein as his sons passed.... sooo why the double standard???? I agree with decriminalizing pot, but think about the possibility they were fired for questionable loyalties. Now they have a record.???? This is the most top platform where one can work...the most scrutinized. They have to be the best of the best of what they offer a team. This makes sense for the WH. There can be any weak links for others to pick apart or use against the admin. I thinks it’s as basic as that..

Elected officials aren't subject to bg investigating. Political parties SHOULD do it and make it public before candidates can attend a debate.????Plain old tobacco killed my wife 8 years ago. It’s legal. Other than driving under the influence I’d assume pot deaths are relatively rare. guess we have to wait for big tobacco to start lobbying for legal weed???? I love Biden, but he seriously needs to get rid of his Drug War bullshit..

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