Seth Rogen passionate cannabis lifestyle have handed him a career line alternative to his acting career, he pursue it passionate to the point of been published in the GQ British, we look at how he was able to bring out a line in a seemingly negative habit

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There are few celebrities you thought of when you think about weed, snoop dogg, late Tupac Shakur and Seth Rogen is likely among them. The actor, producer, screenwriter, and director has practically been a spokesperson for the substance since the early days of his expansive career, his encounter on "pineapple express" was meant to casually shifts perceptions about stoners and all through his cinematic work over the past two decades. But in the not-so-distant future, he very well might become more recognizable for his off-screen impact on cannabis and ceramics line.

But loving weed to the point of owning a cannabis line is no kids play, when asked about his relationship with marijuana, he has this to say; I mean, I smoke weed all day every day and have for probably around 20 years at this point. I would say I have a very unique relationship with weed in that I require it to function and I have always been in a place or position to use it as much as I want basically with no repercussions [laughs]. Which is part of the reason I've been able to integrate it into my life to the degree that I have. For me, it is as intrinsic to my functionality as shoes or glasses or any other thing that I use to help make my journey through my day-to-day life a more manageable one."

Rogen and Goldberg launched Houseplant in March 2019 in Canada and expanded to the US last month following a relaxing of cannabis regulations, upon which the website crashed almost immediately due to the demand.  it’s fair to say, a labour of love for the pair. They did extensive some would say exhaustive testing of hundreds of strains before eventually deciding upon the three they would sell: Houseplant Indica, Houseplant Sativa and Houseplant Hybrid..

Appearing on GQ U.K. might be the best for Seth in his pottery and stone line partly, this is simply the culmination of a life-long dream of Rogen’s to be an international drug dealer. But also, to hear him tell it, because he’s passionate about the paraphernalia too and feels that aesthetics have been hitherto overlooked in the getting-baked business. Again: things you can touch. Pineapple Express 2, where pot is now legal and Dale's dreams have been realized but all is not as good as it seems as Saul is out of a job and corrupt rich business men have taken over the pot industry for a less passionate. It selfish gains.

As someone who smokes weed all day, every day,” he says, “I think I was really longing for objects that were made for me.” Unwittingly, he’d been researching this his entire life. Why weren’t people making a lighter the size and heft, for instance, of a brick, which even the most committed stoner could never mislay? “You want a lighter that’s a fixture,” says Rogen. Houseplant made the “impossible-to-lose” block table lighter, which could also kill a man. Why couldn’t the packaging be beautiful? They put their weed in pastel tea caddy like canisters. Why had no one even consideredselling vinyl LPs with a mix of songs geared to each strain.

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