Tope Alabi faces criticism over “ONIDUURO MI” criticism


Nigetians criticism Tope Alain over " ONIDURO MI comment, here are some of people's reactions;

Tope Alabi ; Because God has blessed you,that doesn't mean you should open your mouth gbam and say nonsense about another person's song. Instead of speaking about the issue on ground, you decide to talk about who has a superior voice... I quiet understand you, probably Tope alabi is your fav and we always have a soft spot for our favourites

Apparently,the reason Tope Alabi said the song is wrong is that a guarantor can default ,but is that not y the songwritrer said "God is the oniduro" cos if human being is the oniduro, he or she can fail but God never fails? Abeg make Iya go siddon....I'm disappointed in you Tope Alabi....
Why are you like this? When you were shouting Olorun Ajanaku. We can see who Ajanaku is. Why are you criticising Alaseyori? Tell the whole world.

But, what is wrong with God being a guarantor for someone? Maybe, God was trying to tell Tope Alabi, "I am no longer with you."That message could be for her. If the Holy Spirit cautioned you about a song, it is not in your place to publicly condemn another person's song....I have also listened to her, and she sings in like passion like Tope Alabi. Reason I guess she feels threatened of upcoming competition.

Tell Tope Alabi: When your chapter is about to close and you begin to feel threatened by new talents, pride may set in to deprive you of an iconic ending which is supposed to usher you into a legend status.There were talents before you, and many surely will come after you....Tope alabi you just lost a fan and you should be ashamed of what you said...I can’t blame you because your own ONIDURO is late which is AJANAKU...thanks for helping in promoting can’t be champion forever #oniduro #oniduro

She don used her bad belle promote the song for her now....Tope Alabi ur mumu wear eyelashes....The Same Tope Alabi that Calls God "Ajanaku" suddenly has a problem with "Oniduro" and you think that isn't Jealousy..But this Tope Alabi thing is what happens when ignorant christians turn supposed "ministers" to idols, they grow a "god complex".

God is to us who we call/make Him to be, Yinka called God her benefactor and so He is to her. Let people worship God the way they want to. Tope Alabi should stfu.. All these and many more are people's reactions to Tope alabi critiscm.

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