Nigerians are reacting to the twitter ban lifted by the federal government

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Nigerians on Twitter are reacting to the ban lifted by the federal government on the bird app. Most Nigerian youths didn't believe Twitter agreed to any conditions given by the federal government. Here are the reactions;

Jack did not grant them any privileges nor concessions. Twitter did not meet Lai Mohammed’s stupid conditions. They couldn’t even bend their rules for Trump. They simply lifted the ban for Bashir, Tolu & their supporters. Now Adamu Garba will start disturbing us again.

And civic participation. FG not Buhari is bluffing. Twitter did not concede to any of their demands. Twitter did not bow to Donald Trump. Who is Muhammadu Buhari?

Twitter itself releases a practice policy which didn't say anything about agreeing on any Nigerian government terms and conditions of operation in the country.

What exactly did federal government achieve with this Ban. As at today Twitter did not succumb to any of her demands they didn't make any statement that they would or plan to. If they did let them sheo u. APC Government is just taking laws into their hand. We wait for u in 2023.

But some Nigerian users feel otherwise about this line of reasoning,insisting Twitter is too minute not to listen to the Nigerian government....Taking laws into their hands..naso una no believe say train dey wetin una wan believe before

An average northerner always talk or make decisions along religious line. wt gain ar u talking about. Has twitter cm out to say they hv agreed to any of her demands? Nope. And if yes where was that show us . It can't be hidden . Apc just rented an office & named it twitter office.

Even Twitter sef na 60m followers e get... So, 60million wey no even reach 3quarter of Nigeria population go decide the leaders of Nigeria abii??

All these and many more are the reactions on the Nigerian government position, Twitter and Nigerian users which are mainly youths.

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